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Win money and have fun playing Dice online at Pixbet

Play Dice online at Pixbet

One of the sections of the online casino Pixbet that attracts numerous users is the Dice games. Just like other online table games, the inclusion of this option characterized by chance in virtual casinos is relatively recent.

As you may have seen in the descriptions of other online casino games, the dynamics of dice correspond to a series of rounds generated randomly by a proprietary algorithm. That means, once you enter the game you've selected, you click the button that allows you to start a round to roll the dice randomly with nearly identical probabilities for each roll.

Let's explore what else Pixbet offers in terms of its selection of online dice games.

The best Dice game titles at Pixbet

The best Dice at Pixbet

Virtual dice games are designed for players to choose their numbers and faces. However, in order to provide a better experience to its users, Pixbet offers a variety of titles with features that will attract specific audiences due to the characters and elements they bring.

Based on the above, the dice games you will find at Pixbet are:

  • Glowing Fruits Dice
  • Wildfire Fruits Dice
  • Soccer Dice
  • 1 Reel Egypt Dice
  • 100 Spinning Dice
  • 40 Spinning Dice
  • 8 Lucky Dice
  • Beer n’ Dice
  • Book of Rebirth Dice
  • Dice of Charms
  • Easter Dice
  • High Low Dice Evolution
  • Irish Lucky Dice
  • Pumpkin’s Dice
  • Valentine’s Fortune Dice
  • Wacky Monkey Dice
  • Wild Santa Dice

And although each of these titles has a unique graphic style, characters, and elements, there are common aspects that lead to the development of the game based on specific rules. And we will talk about this next.

How do online dice games work?

Online dice games

It's common to find the use of dice in online video games that rely on random number generation. For instance, the games we present here rely on rolling dice to graphically represent the player's luck.

Moreover, this isn't far from the dynamics of traditional dice games where random outcomes are governed by the cube shape with six faces. Known as the D6 or 6-sided die, it's the most common in casino games. Additionally, it's the ideal die shape for random number generation, both due to its number of faces and the quantity of dice to be rolled.

In other words, through mathematical calculations based on the faces of the die and the number of dice rolled, an average result can be obtained, applied to the realm of random generation in online dice games. Similarly, analog dice game varieties like ace, suites, or marathon are part of this world of online game generation.

How to play Dice at Pixbet online casino

How to play dice at Pixbet online casino

Both in traditional dice games and in those offered by online casinos, the basic rule is for the player to roll two dice and obtain a total sum. Then, other participants play with the probabilities of getting the same sum before a 7 is rolled.

However, the rules that characterize the dice game include:

  • The player who rolls the dice is called the shooter
  • The game begins by rolling a pair of dice with three possible outcomes: Natural, Craps, and Point
  • Natural, resulting in 7 or 11, means you win and can roll again
  • Craps, resulting in 2, 3, or 12, means you lose but can roll the dice again
  • Finally, we have Point, resulting in 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, which are called points, but to win, you must roll the same results again

To enhance your dice-playing experience at Pixbet, it's best to familiarize yourself with the rules and practice a bit before playing and betting real money in an online casino. Also, choose the type of bet that best suits your skills. With this in mind, here's what you should do:

  • Find a title that interests you
  • Choose your bet type; you'll see that the Dice table will display options for placing and adjusting your bet. See if you can bet on specific numbers
  • Roll the dice by pressing the button on your screen
  • If you win, you can continue rolling and playing. The dice round only ends when a 7 or a point is rolled
  • Keep in mind that the dice use a random number generator (RNG) to determine the result. This is a measure Pixbet uses to ensure that games are fair and unbiased

Make money betting on dice at Pixbet

Dice bets at Pixbet

There are several betting modalities in the dice game offered by Pixbet. Each of them depends on the players' level of experience and skill, such as:

  • Pass Line, a bet where the shooter passes or wins if they roll a 7 or an 11. However, if the shooter rolls 2, 3, or 12, they lose. Note that any number other than these are designated as a point, so if that number comes up again, they win the round. However, if a 7 comes up before that, the bettor loses
  • Don't Pass, a betting modality where the shooter wins if they roll a 2 or a 3, or even a 7 before rolling the point. However, if the shooter initially rolls a 7 or an 11, they lose. It's worth noting that if a 12 is rolled, it's considered a tie, so the shooter neither wins nor loses. If another result is obtained, that number is now considered the new point. If the shooter rolls a 7 after this, they win, but if they roll the point, they lose the bet
  • Come, a type of bet made after the initial roll or come-out roll. It involves predicting the next roll and betting on it. The bettor wins if the total is 7 or 11, and loses if they get a 2, 3, or 12. However, if the shooter rolls what is known as a Point, then the bet switches to the Pass mode
  • Don't Come, a bet made after the come-out roll and similar to the Don't Pass mode. The bettor wins if they roll 2 or 3. However, if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, they lose the bet. Here, a score of 12 is also a tie, and getting a Point means winning. Finally, if a 7 is rolled before the Point, the bettor wins

Is it possible to play Dice for free at Pixbet casino?

Play dice for free at Pixbet

The dice game simulations at Pixbet's online casino allow users to prepare before betting real money. Since most bets are based on representative amounts, it's advisable to use Pixbet's dice simulators to evaluate aspects such as:

  • When rolling the dice, all outcomes have the same probability
  • In rolling two dice, the possibilities of getting the total of two dice are not equal
  • It's likely that some sums have higher probabilities of occurring than others. This also happens with online poker combinations that depend on going statistics
  • There are six ways to get a total of seven when rolling two dice, but only one way to get a total of two. Therefore, the probability of getting a 7 is six times greater than that of getting a two
  • Pixbet's free dice simulators or demo versions blend the virtual world of casino games with the real one

In conclusion, playing dice online at Pixbet is similar to playing with real dice because the algorithms used to program these games ensure transparency and the possibility of being reviewed by regulatory bodies before being made available to players. And you can discover this in Pixbet's free version of these games.

Getting started with Dice at Pixbet

Getting started with dice at Pixbet

Although it may seem obvious, the first thing you need to do to play dice at Pixbet is to register and log in. To begin, open the Pixbet website on your computer or mobile device's browser and locate the registration button. Here's what you need to do next:

  • Wait for the personal information form to appear
  • Complete the fields presented and wait for the system to validate the information you provided
  • Create your username, provide your email address, phone number, and create a secure password
  • Meet other requirements Pixbet asks for and check the box confirming you are 18 years old or older. Then, confirm you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions
  • Click the Enter button and fill in the requested data such as username and password. Then, go to the Casino section, look for the dice tab, and start playing

Play Dice game from your mobile device with Pixbet

Play Pixbet dice from your mobile device

In the Pixbet platform, you can find the icon Available on Google Play. Click it if you want to download the app on any of your Android mobile devices. This way, you can have the Dice game whenever and wherever you want.

However, let's clarify: when you press the Available on Google Play button, you'll be taken to the Pixbet blog, where you'll find download and installation instructions for the app. Note that for the Pixbet app to function correctly, you must allow installations from unknown sources on your device.

Another way to get the Pixbet app more directly is to visit the APK website. Search for the Pixbet application, download it, and use it with all the instructions and guarantees provided by this executable file.

On another note, to access the dice game on an iOS device, it's best to use the mobile version of Pixbet. This is as reliable as an app and allows you to browse the website, play games, place bets, make deposits, and withdrawals with ease.

FAQ about playing Dice at Pixbet

Is it safe to play craps at Pixbet?

Pixbet trajectory as an online casino, added to the regulation by the Curaçao authorities, endorse it as a quite safe site for virtual table games, in this case dice.

What payment methods does Pixbet accept to play craps?

The Pixbet website has two methods to make transfers, Pix and cryptocurrencies. Both are used to make deposits or withdrawals if you are going to play craps. In addition, transfers are processed quickly with no billing fees and no limits on withdrawals.

How to make a deposit to play Dice at Pixbet?

To top up your dice game account, you must go to the Home page and click on the Deposit button. Then you choose the Pix payment method, enter the desired amount and again click on the Deposit button to complete the action which has no additional cost.

Is there an official bonus for playing craps at Pixbet?

Pixbet Casino does not offer bonuses for new customers or for participating in a particular game, as in this case Dice.

What is the minimum deposit to play craps at Pixbet?

The minimum amount to make a deposit at Pixbet to play craps is 1 real (0.20 USD approximately). This makes it one of the online casino gaming platforms with the cheapest deposits in the industry. This is a great advantage for those who want to gamble a little without compromising their income.

How to cash out at Pixbet after a game of Dice?

To make a withdrawal at Pixbet after playing craps you just need to access the withdrawal option, give your PIX Key and wait a few minutes for the money to be in your account.

What is the withdrawal limit at Pixbet when playing Craps?

The maximum withdrawal amount is R $10,000 (over $2,000) and can be made through Pix. If you wish to withdraw much more than that amount after a game of Craps, you can only do so on different days.

How many withdrawals can I make per day when playing craps at Pixbet?

You can only make one withdrawal per day at Pixbet when you are participating in any game, including craps. This is a measure that the platform makes manual verifications before releasing the money and sending it to your account. Another precaution of this measure is to protect users in order to avoid alleged money laundering actions.

How long does it take for Pixbet to pay out winnings when playing Craps?

On weekdays or business days, withdrawals take about 5 minutes. If you withdraw on a weekend it may take until the arrival of the next business day. In other words, the withdrawal time at Pixbet may vary depending on the day of the withdrawal request.

In which languages does Pixbet provide the Dice service?

Pixbet offers the possibility to navigate its platform in both English and Portuguese. However, its rules, terms and conditions are very similar to those of other live betting sites and online casino games, so if you have already had experience in this field, this will not be an obstacle for you.

Reviews from Pixbet dice players

I liked the demo version of Dice in Pixbet


Before betting I entered the demo version of Dice and gradually got used to the dynamics of the game. The variety of options in Pixbet is worth it and I recommend it to those who like this kind of games.

Leo, 42 years
I liked the demo version of Dice in Pixbet

I had a great time playing Dice at Pixbet


I entered Pixbet to play 8 Lucky Dice and I can only say that I had a great time and won some money. I think I will come back to play other Dice games.

Luis, 45 years
I had a great time playing Dice at Pixbet

I once registered to play craps and it was the best thing ever


I joined Pixbet, and registered and so far I have done very well playing and betting on Craps. I won some money which went down quite well, and I will do it again. Recommended.

Julia, 38 years
I once registered to play craps and it was the best thing ever

I did not like that there was no welcome bonus to play Dice


Although at first, I didn't like the fact that Pixbet didn't offer a welcome bonus, I found out later that I can manage my Dice bets without risking too much, and it has very good odds.

Michelle, 35 years
I did not like that there was no welcome bonus to play Dice

Great customer service to be able to play Dice


Pixbet platform has an online support system via live chat that I found very efficient. They cleared all the doubts I had about playing Craps.

Alex, 30 years
Great customer service to be able to play Dice

It is very easy to play Dice in the Pixbet app.


The Pixbet app allows me to play Craps and other games in a simple way. I can place my bets without hassle and it doesn't take up much space in my cell phone memory.

Mauricio, 49 years
It is very easy to play Dice in the Pixbet app.

They have good technical support, which shows in the game


When I played a couple of games of Dice I noticed the quality of the interface, loading times and other technical details. And as a good nerd, when I found out that the technological development is by Pragmatic Play, I knew that playing Dice there would be worth it.

David, 33 years
They have good technical support, which shows in the game

I came to Pixbet through recommendations and I don't regret it


Some friends recommended Pixbet to me to play and place some bets, so I took the opportunity to play Dice and I liked it. I was able to notice their quality because of their customer service even if it was in Portuguese.

Camilo, 28 years
I came to Pixbet through recommendations and I don

Not as good as it seems


I am very interested in the world of online gambling and I wanted to know what Pixbet had to offer. After registering I decided to play a few games of Craps and the Truth, although I did not do badly, I did not see much fun in it. Besides, I didn't like the fact that there was no welcome bonus and that the promotions were almost exclusively focused on sports betting.

Fabián, 44 years
Not as good as it seems

They have an interesting promotion system


Although you know right off the bat that they don't offer a welcome bonus, it caught my attention that, before I played my game of Craps, Pixbet told me that if I shared their promotions on my social networks and referred a few more players, I could receive an extra 10% on my winnings for each new bettor I referred.

Laura, 39 years
They have an interesting promotion system